Epic Lulz: Creating Funny Content on the Web (SXSW Recap)

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

John Hargrave (Moderator), www.zug.com Mark Malkof, www.markmalkoff.comĀ – lived in IKEA for a week; went to all the Manhattan Starbucks in 24 hours Jeff Rubin, editor of www.collegehumor.com Rob Cockerham, www.cockeyed.comĀ – specializes in pranks Chris Wilson, cartoonist for web comic Cyanide & Happiness I expected this panel to be kinda off the wall, but I was […]

Future of Context: Getting the Bigger Picture Online (SXSW Recap)

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

Jay Rosen, NYU Matt Thompson, NPR Tristan Harris, Apture founder and CEO Staci D. Kramer (Moderator), ContentNext Media /paidContent #futureofcontext This was one of the most intriguing, thoughtful panels I’ve ever been to. NYU journalism prof Jay Rosen wrote about how they prepared for and ran the panel, and their work really paid off in […]

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