Out of the Ordinary Things I’ve Done Since Moving to Tucson

One of the things I’ve been struck by since moving to Tucson is how a change of scenery forces you to do things you’ve never even considered before. I knew life would be different here, but I didn’t take into account how the fact of living in a new city and meeting a whole new set of people would bring with it an entirely different set of options than what I was used to in Austin. If people still said “No duh,” now would be an appropriate moment to use it.

Anyway, I decided I wanted to remember these new experiences and lessons and feelings, but I’m too lazy to write about all of them. Instead I return to my dear friend, that little engine of writing–the list!

So, in no particular order, and to be updated regularly:

Out of the Ordinary Things I’ve Done Since Moving to Tucson

  • Completed a 15-mile mountain bike ride on a desert (read: cactus-lined) course with a series of hills called The 7 Bitches
  • Went salsa dancing. In a Halloween costume.
  • Watched a bellydancer backed by a Middle Eastern band
  • Adopted a dog named Maeby
  • Played in the snow
  • Attended a gallery opening of Andy Warhol photographs, complete with live go-go dancers
  • Used my bike for transportation
  • Learned about the horrendously unorganized adoption system in Ethiopia (via others – not our own experience!)
  • Drove two hours just to go to IKEA
  • Ate In-N-Out
  • Tried a Sonoran hot dog
  • Participated in a Moulin Rouge sing-along not at Alamo Drafthouse
  • Saw a javelina
  • Had tofu for the first time. And liked it.
  • Started a photo blog
  • Collected fall leaves
  • Basically gave up shopping
  • Realized UT’s football stadium is just insanely nice for a college facility
  • Felt old
  • Worked on a Habitat for Humanity home
  • Got a tattoo
  • Sold something on Etsy
  • Experienced a dust storm
  • Drooled over the most spectacular sunsets I’ve ever seen

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