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16 Things I Love About Baseball

I used to think the first line of our national anthem was “Jose can you see,” because we sang it at Astros games and their star player was Jose Cruz.


  1. Craig Biggio.
  2. Singing. What other sport gets 30,000 people to stretch their legs in the middle of a game and join in chorus to sing about snacks, rooting for your team and never going home? Take me out to the ballgame, indeed.
  3. Food. If it was important enough for the song, it’s important enough for my list. Nothing beats a beer and a hot dog on a sunny afternoon at the ballpark.
  4. Wooden bats. I’m looking at you, college baseball.
  5. Clapping for the fan who catches a foul ball.
  6. Passing your money down the row. Passing the beer/hotdog/cotton candy back.
  7. At-bat songs. Penetrating glimpse of a player’s psyche or just something he picked off his iPod?
  8. Loyalty. Jeff Bagwell was with the Astros for about 57 years. Biggio for roughly 120. They are beyond beloved by the city of Houston. I know this is getting less common, but I feel like baseball has more long-term franchise players than other sports, and it makes a team feel very special for the fans.
  9. The witty, snarky old men who hassle the umps and opposing players at UT games. 
  10. Minor League shenanigans.
  11. Friday night fireworks. This has become a post-game tradition at multiple ballparks, and next to the 4th of July, it’s about as Americana as you can get.
  12. First-base chats between players on opposing teams.
  13. The thrill of extra innings.
  14. Spring Training. My mom and I went to Astros, Braves and Dodgers Spring Training games for spring break my senior year of college, and it was one of my favorite experiences ever.
  15. Dozing off for a few innings when you’re watching a game on TV. It’s the perfect white noise.
  16. A perfectly executed double play.

Photo by Matt McGee

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